Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Welcome to Chicago Coffee,
A blog dedicated to different coffee shops and cafes all around the Chicago, IL area.
     Recently I've gone to local coffee shops instead of settling for Starbucks, or even 7-Eleven's $1 coffee. It made me realize how much better I enjoyed my stay at hole-in-the-wall places and charming cafes. So what's next ? I wrote down an ever-growing list of places to get coffee/tea in Chicago and have decided to try each of them, along with writing a review and taking a few pictures. 
This blog not only gives me an excuse to drink lots of coffee, but will also give me an excuse to go to a few neighborhoods I haven't even ventured out to yet. Reviews, pictures, and lots and lots of coffee to come.

*no judgement if you are reading this while sitting at a Starbucks

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