Supporting Small Businesses & Self-Distancing

Wednesday, March 18, 2020

It’s been quite the weird past week to say the least. Within the past few days, I think we can all agree that we’ve seen (about) it all on social media... Livestream workouts, beautiful typography that states to STAY IN, screenshots of FaceTimes, possibly a few paragraphs of people pouring their hearts out after staying inside their home for a complete two days, lists of tv shows and movies to binge-watch, and so on... I’ve even taken to posting my daily coffee brewing routines on Dialogue’s Instagram story. Deep down, we all just want to stay connected (and sane).

While businesses small and large are closing their doors or keeping strict guidelines, many are taking to social media to keep afloat. The list of coffee shops that remain open for takeaway service or buying coffee online will continue to grow. Even if you are not in the place financially to support, still take a look at all these amazing businesses. You can still add a drop of positivity to their day by liking, following, or leaving a nice message for them. 

Below is a list of cafés and coffee shops with ways to support them while self-distancing. Cafes are in New York unless stated otherwise. List will continue to grow...

Bay Roasters - Sustainable Coffee Subscription. They are still shipping orders while USPS stays open! - Coffee Subscription Service. They are giving $1 off all coffees on their site! Their selection is amazing btw.

Devoción - Takeaway is available at their Livingston, Williamsburg, and Flatiron locations. Delivery is coming soon! And ordering online is an option as well.

Café Integral - Locations in New York and LA will both have takeaway available. Online as well!

L’Alchimiste Café - A cafe in Bordeaux, France. Closed, but they are still shipping orders received online.

Big Shoulders - Cafe in Chicago, IL. Offering 50% off all food and coffee (in stores). Continuing to ship from online store as well.

Daily Press - This cafe has bulk milk and coffee for sale!

Bright Side Café - Cafe in Williamsburg that is now doing delivery through Caviar!

Remi - This Coffee shop/floral shop is offering takeaway service and the option to order flowers online or over the phone.

Relationships - Online shop!!

IXV Coffee

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