Big Shoulders + Chicago Jewelry Designer Feature

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Big Shoulders Coffee

1105 W Chicago Ave

ChicagoIL 60642


Transportation: Blue Line Chicago, literally right outside the stop

So for this review I will also be featuring my friend/coworker/Chicago jewelry designer Marissa Kendrick, who also happens to love coffee.

I've been to Big Shoulders three times now because of their special drinks (Marshmallow Latte pictured tot the left) and also because of the convenience and the feel of the place. I feel like the Chicago Blue Line stop doesn't get the cred it should.

 A little about Marissa:

Marissa Kendrick went to the Illinois Institute of Art for a bit and then transferred to Columbia to focus on designing jewelry. She's almost done with school and has already sold a lot of her hand crafted pieces. She's even gotten support/recognition from celebs like Keri Hilson, John Legend, and Kenneth Cole.

her website

All of her jewelry is hand made by herself, pretty amazing.

link to her
latest photoshoot
featuring lots of different rings.

Menu: The thing I really like about Big Shoulders is the menu. If you're looking for a straight up cup of coffee, you'll just end up getting distracted by their list of specialty drinks. Two of my favorites have been the Marshmallow Latte, which literally has a roasted marshmallow on top, and the Lotta Chotta; a latte mixed with their house made horchata. Both are amazing. Plus they're served in those clear glass cups, so the drinks are always the perfect temperature.

Decor: This place is small, but there is always a place to sit. They have stools by the counter, stools along the window, and a large table in the middle, usually filled with people and their laptops. The decor is simple; a few plants and some art pieces. I like the set up of Big Shoulders since it's small but not cramped. 

This is a place I would recommend returning to. I've been here three times and am definitely keeping it on my favorites list. I've worked on homework here, relaxed with a latte, and also met up with a friend, so it's a very versatile place. 

Thanks to Marissa for letting me feature her and featuring me in her blog as well !

Hoping to reach out to more Chicago creatives and
 feature them in the future.

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