Bridgeport Coffeehouse

Friday, May 30, 2014

(multiple locations)

3101 S Morgan St, 
Chicago, IL 60608

My good friend/coworker/bae, Carlos, is leaving for Mexico in a few days, so of coarse we wanted one last coffee shop date before he left. I finally ventured out to Bridgeport, off the Orange Line, and to Bridgeport Coffeehouse. 

The walk took about fifteen twenty minutes from the Orange Line, Halsted is probably the closest stop. It's not a bad walk if it's nice out, but it's not the most convenient. The coffeehouse was perfect though. It had a charm that had us feeling like we weren't even in Chicago anymore. They also played really good music : The Smith, Wavves, very relaxed; 80's vibes.

Bridgeport carries their own brand of coffee and offers a good selection of different lattes. I got an iced agave latte, which was delicious. They have a lot of seating, indoor and out. 

Bridgeport is a cute area as well. It was my first time really over there so it was new to me. There were a lot of little stores, restaurants, and walls for taking good portraits (if you were wondering) on the walk there. It's also an interesting mix of Spanish and Asian culture since it's nearby China Town. 

I really liked this place and will definitely come back when I have another free day to make it over there. 

+ thanks to Carlos for taking most of these pictures! Going to miss him while he's gone in Mexico~

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  1. Looks so amazing place! I just want to go there with my husband. Me and my hubby loves coffee and often go outside for that. All the pics are perfect. Thanks for sharing this nice post. Waiting for go there
    Kopi Luwak

  2. No problem ! Glad to share places that people don't know of.


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