Back from Hiatus : Bow Truss Opening in Pilsen, 18th St.

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

As you can tell I haven't posted on here at all in about two months. I've been busy on Summer Break, which was only three weeks, and now I'm back in school. (already week 4) It's a doozy. I've also been using my spare time to work on sewing/drawing, so I've been neglecting the blog. oops.

Recently I went to the opening of the new Bow Truss in Pilsen on 18th St, though! It's conveniently located off the Pink Line 18th stop, right past Revival-a-Go-Go. I've been to Bow Truss many a time, but never to an opening, so I decided to check it out, with my friend/coworker/boo/now roommate Carlos. 

The opening started at 7pm and included free coffee/lattes, beer, and a nice amount of free beans. (which I've already ground up and tried; they're amazing.) Since Pilsen is very art-focused, especially on locals, on the walls hung works by Gabriel Garcia. 

Pilsen is definitely growing into a more popular area, like how 'Logan is the new Wicker' and it's definitely worth hanging out in. Bow Truss picked a perfect spot to branch out. Pilsen is full of other coffee shops, the Mexican Museum of Art, the Pilsen Art Walk, and the Textile Discount Outlet (one of my fave spots.) 

(below; me not knowing how to pose by a bunch of color)

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All Photo Cred: Carlos Ramirez

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