Indie Coffee Passport - Chicago

Thursday, December 17, 2015

For those who didn't read about it last year, the Indie Coffee Passport is launching once
again in Chicago! Starting in December and going on into the new year, 
the Indie Coffee Passport gives one the opportunity to try a single drink from
22 different coffee shops around Chicago for only $25.

I got the opportunity last year to try it out--It includes some of my favorites such as Heritage Outpost,
Buzz:Killer Espresso, and Metropolis. This year there are some new additions such as
Cafe Integral (love), HERO Coffee Bar, and Wired Coffee Bar.
A few weeks ago there was a launch party for the ICP, which I sadly could not attend since I now live in New York..but for those in Chicago, especially around Christmastime, the passport is
a great little present for a friend or family member who either loves all these spots already or who has trouble branching out of drinking Dunkin Donuts or Starbucks. (oof)
Starting in December, the Indie Coffee Passport runs until the month of August; which
is plenty of time to transition from hot coffee and lattes to iced.

(Heritage Outpost off the Wilson Red Line)

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