Devoción - Brooklyn

Sunday, May 13, 2018

Location: 276 Livingston St. Brooklyn, NY
Music: Roberto Roena - Que se Sepa
Lucho Bermudez - Gaita De Las Flores
La Charanga Rubalcaba - Descarga a lo Rubalcaba

It's been a while.
I've taken quite the detour from my last post..(November 2017, I know.) In the time of not posting I have gone to so many coffee shops without taking a picture, without thinking about how I would describe it on this blog. It was nice.
Just like anything else, Chicago Coffee is ready for growth and adaptation. But for today, here is a review of the new location of Devoción, in Downtown Brooklyn. When you first walk in, you're almost overwhelmed by everything you see. The plants, yellow tiles, and short steps leading to a cozy spot to enjoy your coffee right in the center of the cafe.
I've recently taken to getting the house drip. Not too much sugar, not too much milk. Just to get the real, pure taste of the coffee. I really don't even drink coffee everyday because I like to enjoy it so much. Unless I wake up about 30 mins to an hour earlier before work, then it's not enough time to sit and drink my coffee.
Devoción is a beautiful and unexpected spot. Their coffee is one of my new favorites to buy by the bag. It's full of flavor and includes full descriptions of the location it is from. The new Livingston location also shows they have strong branding. Their Williamsburg location has a plant wall and an amazing skylight, so it makes sense that their second Brooklyn location has a variety of seating, tons of plants, and natural light.

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