Lively - Brooklyn

Monday, May 28, 2018

Location: 396 7th Avenue. Brooklyn, New York

Lively is a tiny, quaint spot right off the 7th Ave F/G stop. 
Their main thing is fresh food and juices, i.e. smoothie bowls and fresh pressed juices, but they also offer coffee from Toby's Estate. It's a simple space that offers exactly what you would imagine from a spot that makes their fresh pressed juice in-house. They do have some surprises though.
There is an iced latte with collagen in it.. The Iced Beauty Latte. 
It's not necessary, but I am definitely intrigued and getting it sometime. Why not drink some collagen in the morning as I walk through dusty Midtown to get to work?? Cute.
Lively is a charming spot with some nice bites, good for your morning routine before work or a catch-up session with a friend. A perfect mix of cozy and light.

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