Discuss : Quarantine Edition with Austin Romansky of Cremaco

Monday, June 29, 2020

Photo: Cremaco site

For the second Discuss, Austin Romansky, Creative Director at Cremaco answered a few questions about Covid-19 in the coffee industry and his top coffee picks of the moment. Crema.co is a coffee subscription site with a strong focus on community and quality coffee. They’re down to earth and aim to make great coffee more accessible. 

June 8th, 2020

From what the Crema.Co team has experienced, how has Covid-19 affected the coffee and roasting industry?
AR: We have been absolutely blown away how quickly and how well our roasting partners have shifted their focus during this pandemic. With the closures / limitations of most cafes there is obviously the potential for businesses to close up shop. But our roasters have been amazing in adapting and growing / focusing on their wholesale business. We've really enjoyed being a part of this growth with them.

What is Alight and how can customers contribute to a good cause while buying coffee?
AR: Alight is a foundation we decided to partner with because their whole focus is to help stop the spread of the virus and they do so in over 20 different countries. Good practices, clean water and medical supplies are just a few things that many in the world have no access to. So we felt good about Alight's cause and wanted to try and help people all over the planet and not just in the Western world. All of our coffee comes from some of these countries and we want to help and support these farmers as much as possible. We are proud of our extensive 5lb. bag offering on Crema.co. It's by far the least expensive way to enjoy specialty coffee as long as you can go through it quick enough before it goes bad (roughly 3 weeks). Every 5lb. bag of coffee we sell we will give $5 to Alight to help this cause. 

What is your favorite coffee or roaster of the moment??
AH: Agghhhh this is such an impossible question to answer! It's like what's your favorite movie or album ya know? Yeah when I'm down or just got some bad news, I'm pourin some smokey scotch and putting on the Leonard Cohen record. When things are good and I want and I want a nice groove, I'm porin a smokey scotch and listenin to some Perfume Genius. Excercising? Smokey scotch and a synth remake of the Zelda soundtrack... duh. For coffee... I will say I am a sucker for Ethiopian Single origin coffees. We have a lot on Crema.co. My top 3 right now are:

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