Discuss : Quarantine Edition with DeAnna Doersch

Sunday, August 2, 2020

For the third installment of Discuss, Dialogue checks in with DeAnna Doersch, who does Marketing and Design
for Bold Bean Coffee Roasters in Jacksonville, FL. On the side, she is working on Orion Matcha as well. 

How has working in coffee influenced how you brew and choose which roasts you drink? Has being in quarantine affected any coffee routines you’ve had previously?
DD: I had no idea what the differences between coffees were two years ago - so yes, definitely! I opt for a natural Ethiopian (typical among new coffee folks, I'm told) or I've really been vibing with the El Crucero we just put out, which is fed-batch processed in Colombia by Ana Mustafa. Funky, sweet, very entertaining

Before quarantine, I was much more erratic in my consumption. At our roastery, I'd have coworkers giving me new things to try every few hours. I've come to appreciate focusing in on a coffee over time and appreciating it through its life cycle, as it lives on my counter.

What is one habit or moment you have found to appreciate more during quarantine/Covid-19?
DD: I usually look at the new growth on my plants in the morning with my freshly brewed coffee - that's not typically something I'd feel I had the time to do prior to this. Quarantine has me clinging to that morning routine of or I'm thrown off for the whole day - it's been something I've been subtly grateful for. I moved to Florida from Chicago, and growing things is SO much easier here. There's nothing like the caffeine paired with a little dopamine from seeing some new growth on my plants. It's the little things, folks.

Please share any small businesses you’ve supported, or have wanted to support, during this time. 
DD: During this time I've been trying to shop small more intentionally. I got my baratza from Crema in Nashville, which is a classic fav. I know it's not a new take, but their coffee sodas make me want to cry. So good. 

I've also had my eye on Portrait coffee out of Atlanta. I'd love to get some coffee and merch from them soon- They had some vintage diner-esque shirts I was lusting over! 

Lastly - I also got a taste of Black and White Roaster's most recent Ugandan coffee and it was fantastic. 10/10 would drink again!

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