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Friday, October 3, 2014

I recently just got back from my first ever trip to New York. I have to say it lived up to its expectations. (which I was trying to not keep too high.) Of coarse before I left, I looked up lots of coffee shops and cafes to check out.
The first one I went to, with my traveling/blogging friend Carlos, was Happy Bones in the East Village.  They're known for strong coffee and espresso and it was definitely true. 

Even at 8-9 in the morning, this little shop was packed. There was only three round tables inside, but all were busily taken. St.Vincent was playing and they also sold records on the side and have artists' work on the walls. 

I liked the feel of this place. I think it would be more of a coffee shop to go to alone though and work on your laptop. 

If I ever get to work or live in New York (ideal), I think this would be a place I would go to and work on personal things/use their wifi/relax. It was minimal and cute, and the coffee is strong. 

Except for the lack of seating, I enjoyed Happy Bones. It was a good first stop and welcome to the East Village/Little Italy. 

More New York coffee posts to come ! Stay tuned. 

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