AP Cafe - New York, NY

Sunday, October 5, 2014

On our last day in New York we only had until 2-3pm, but still fit in time to check out a few more spots. AP Cafe in Bushwick was possibly my favorite place, at least aesthetically. 

All the walls were a clean white, there were plants scattered everywhere, and a few of the rusty looking wall panels had water pouring down them lightly. Even the floor had a stony feel and the tables were wood. It was the ideal minimalists' coffee shop.

They even had little succulents on each table. AP Cafe had an overall relaxed feel and is both a great place for working on things alone, but also coming with a group of friends. It's also located in an area that has a lot of well known street art and other cafes to check out.

If I lived in New York this would be my coffee shop to go to all the time. The appearance of this place was perfect, especially the water walls.

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  1. The AP café New York looks and sounds very cool. Thank you for sharing the review about a nice place but wait – you did not share how the coffee was?


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