Heritage Outpost in Uptown

Monday, December 22, 2014

Last Saturday, the new branch from Heritage Bicycles General Store, opened up in
Uptown, off the Wilson Red Line. 
I usually don't get near the Red Line, but I saw a few pictures of the new Heritage and I had to go. Heritage Outpost is also one of the spots listed on the Indie Coffee Passport.

Besides the the amount of public transportation and transferring I had to do, Heritage Outpost is worth the little trip. It was nice to have the whole place empty and available, unlike the Lakeview shop which is always packed. This one is also located in an apartment building, so the arrangement is neat and very different. 

This second branch of Heritage doesn't include their bike shop, which is part of the charm, but they still include a bike as decoration and the whole place is laid back and cozy. 

I wasn't in my usual area, like Logan Square or Wicker, but the decor and music of the shop was relaxed and was perfect for meeting with a friend or reading a book or magazine alone. Another difference between this Heritage and the original is that this one includes a walk-up window you can order at. They didn't have a lot of space for this coffee shop, but they used every inch of it very well and thoughtfully. 

Heritage Outpost is the perfect place to come this Winter. If you like the Heritage in Lakeview then this one is definitely worth coming too. And even if you haven't.. one trip on the Red Line isn't too bad. 

(Check two off of my Indie Coffee passport, twenty to go)

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