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Saturday, December 13, 2014


I was lucky, and pleasantly surprised, to be contacted by Dori Rubin a few weeks ago. Although the Indie Coffee Passport has already been introduced in Canada, it's now available in Chicago. 
The Coffee Passport costs $25, and gets you drinks from 22 different coffee shops. It was officially launched at the beginning of December.

It's a simple idea, but simplicity is always the best. I think the idea of getting people to try new places, from a variety of Chicago neighborhoods, is a great idea. So many of the shops on the list are ones I frequent, such as Big Shoulders, La Colombe, and Buzz:Killer Espresso. There's a handful that I'm excited to go to for the first time as well; such as the new Heritage Outpost and Cup and Spoon. (which is pretty new as well.)

(below is the Coffee Passport + list of participating coffee shops)

Of the 22 shops, you have from December 1st-June 30st 2015, to sample all. Some have a certain list you can pick your free cup from, and others let you choose from the whole menu. So now is the time to sample any drinks I haven't tried, shops I haven't been to, and neighborhoods I've hardly visited.

Check out and like their Facebook Page ( Right Here ) +
their website as well for more info ( ICPwebsite )

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