Bewdly Coffee Feature - Maple Bacon Roast

Sunday, February 7, 2016

I recently got offered a bag of beans from Bewdly, a Canadian coffee company.
Bewdly offers USDA approved beans, with many special flavors such as Maple Bacon
Deluxe Smoked, Vanilla Bourbon Spirit, Chocolate Raspberry, Cranberry Scone, etc...
The beans are also vegan, gluten free, and allergen free, so feel free
to indulge in some maple bacon beans if you are a vegetarian or vegan---

They sent the maple bacon flavor, being that I am a fan of bacon. 
The coffee is hand-roasted and sent within 24 hours of ordering, so it can be 
received at it's most fresh. The maple bacon roast is a good mix of salty and sweet, and the
perfect non-greasy accompaniment to some eggs or toast.

I usually don't go for flavored coffees, but my first batch from Bewdly was
a good surprise and I plan on trying the Vanilla Bourbon next. 

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