Parlor Coffee Roastery - Coffee Cupping

Monday, February 29, 2016

11 Vanderbilt Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11205

Every Sunday, Parlor Coffee opens up their roastery to the public and holds a public 
cupping at noon. We sniffed and tasted six different roasts, ranging from dark to decaf.
It was my first time at a cupping, so I was new to the process. 
First, they put grounds in the cups and then filled it with hot water, working as
a french press in a way. Then after about five minutes we took spoons and 'broke' the
shell of coffee grounds on top and smelled each roast. After the coffees
cooled down we got to try each. We had to slurp each one to get the full flavour. It 
allows you to tastes and get all the aromas from the small amount of coffee
you ingest. 

The coffees we tasted are all roasted there in Brooklyn, and come from
 different parts of South America and Africa.  In a few weeks they will be getting in 
some beans from Kenya, which will be at the cupping as well. 
I recommend visiting for the cupping on Sundays, but
 if you're just looking for a cup of coffee, then you can find them in
the barbershop Persons of Interest off the Lorimer L stop. 

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