Blue Bottle Coffee - Brooklyn

Sunday, November 20, 2016

203 7th Ave, Brooklyn 
New York, NY 11215

Blue Bottle opened it's 8th location this month in Park Slope, Brooklyn.
Blue Bottle is known for it's bold flavored coffee and responsibly sourced beans.
This new location is one of my favorites; cozy, good music, outdoor garden (for

Not only do they have several locations in New York, they have many in California,
a few in other states, and multiple overseas in Japan as well. Each of
their shops are thoughtfully set up. They have a minimal aesthetic with
an abundance of white walls and light-wood tables and chairs. 

On this first actual-cold day in New York of the year, Blue Bottle was packed.
The atmosphere was ideal for the 30 degree weather and wind. I hadn't stayed and sat
in a cafe in a bit, so I was reminded how much I miss and need it.
Blue Bottle was a perfect escape before Monday.

For now I'll frequent the New York locations, but definitely setting
some goals to visit the shops in Japan---

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