Mexico City - Trip Two

Saturday, July 15, 2017

I recently visited a friend in Mexico City, back in April.
Mexico City (although I have sooo many other places to travel to) is
one of my favorite cities so far. The food, people, colors, music, plants... the coffee.

Alfonso Reyes 232E
Colonia Condesa, Mexico D.F. - 0641

I had to come back to one of my favorite spots from last time; Chiquitito. All their coffee is from Boca Del Monte, Veracruz, ensuring that it is authentic and harvested by a small producer. Everything from the coffee to the music and open set-up is perfect.

Cleo Tilde
Ave Progreso 182-240, Escandon I Secc, 11800
Ciudad de Mexico, Mexico D.F.

I explored some new areas during my second trip here and my friend I stayed with brought me to one of his spots by work; Cleo Tilde. Like most cafes in Mexico City it has the open set up and plants in every other corner. Love. Their coffee was delicious of course, but they offer really good breads and pastries as well.

Blend Station
Av. Tamaulipas 60, Hipodrimo, 06100
Ciudad de Mexico

Blend Station has to be one of my new favorites. When you first walk in it seems small, but as you walk towards the seating in the back you see natural light flooding through and a tree in the center growing up into the ceiling of the cafe. I really can't express how much I love the use of plants in Mexico. They're everywhere.

My other favorite part of Blend Station is the art on the walls. There seems to be a lot happening with the colors, different seating, and, oh right, the tree in the center of the room, but it all happens to flow together and be a still and relaxing spot.

Til next time, Mexico City-

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  1. Wow, place look really good, you just made my intentions more strong to visit mexico. Going to visit this place for sure, thanks for sharing it


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