Coffee on the Beach - Cartagena

Sunday, June 24, 2018

Playa Blanca, Colombia

When you live and work in New York, it's so easy to get accustomed to the nonstop lifestyle and the need to fulfill the work/relaxation balance. My boyfriend and I both have crazy work schedules and were lucky enough to break away for a week long trip in Colombia. 
We started our trip on the beaches of Isla Baru, staying in a hotel named Tortuga Cabaña. It was everything you need to FULLY escape New York: no service, no wi-fi, no a/c, and only electricity from 6pm-1am. Besides being a great escape, it was the only spot along the beach that sourced their beans from Medellín and roasted themselves. 

Our host Freddy showed us how he roasts the beans on the stovetop the night before and let us sample the beans as they went from tan to a dark brown. The coffee itself was so full of flavor. Knowing where the beans were from and seeing how they roasted them in-house was also amazing to see before drinking and fully enjoying it. The process is just as important as the taste. 

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