Thursday, June 14, 2018

I got the chance again to sample some coffee from With it they sent the cutest coffee to-go mug. I've honestly had some bad times with coffee tumblers..Spilling, leakage, too large to carry on the train with bags, etc. This one though, made through Miir seems to fit my needs though.
It's the perfect size, doesn't leak, and keeps your drink hot without burning your hands. As well as being a clean design, when Miir cups are purchased, a portion of the revenue goes towards grant money for different projects, such as bringing clean water to communities.

This shows the values of As my previous article explained, is a site that allows you to choose different single-origin coffees and how often you want it delivered.
They not only care about coffee, but also the people behind it. They have the information of where the beans are grown and who the farmers or family are.

Definitely check out if you are interested in easily having fair trade coffee sent to your door. I look forward to trying more from them and what is to come!

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