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Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Earlier this month, we officially opened up our online shop.

Our aim is to share our favorite roasts and products that reflect our values. We’ll be offering coffees from brands we’ve already enjoyed as well as new ones to mix it up. Either way, we want to offer the most sustainably grown and ethically conscious coffees and products. Every month or so we will introduce one the brands we are featuring coffee from. This August we are presenting Devoción! Devoción is a brand and roaster that focuses on providing the freshest coffees from Colombia. Colombia is the only country where coffee is a year-round crop. These simple principles bring together the best flavors and notes of South America. And we would like to share this with you... 

Region: Tolima
 Yellow is an iconic color within the Devoción brand, but it is also at the essence of their El Sol house blend. Yellow stone fruit notes abound, rounded off by a caramel sweetness and cinnamon spice. Sourced from among Colombia’s best high-altitude, micro-lot farms, El Sol reflects the brightness and beauty of Colombia’s coffees, its landscapes, and its people.

Region: Cundinamarca and Huila 
 The Honey is a blend of Yellow and Red Borbon varietals that are sourced from the state of Huila in Colombia. Grown at altitudes ranging from 1,750 to 1,850 mtrs. high, the Honey is full of sweet fruity notes and is perfect for milk-based espresso drinks, especially cappuccinos and lattes.

Region: Cundinamarca and Huila
 Our original house blend takes you to a world of chocolate, cherries, vanilla and almonds. Perfect for espresso, french press and drip. The farms used in this blend come from Cundinamarca in central Colombia. Presently, we are using three farms: Buenos Aires, El Bosque, and La Maria. These farms harvest coffee year round from Caturra and Tipica Trees. 

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