Sawada Coffee - Chicago

Tuesday, September 18, 2018

112 N. Green St.
Chicago, IL

It was so nice to be back in Chicago, even if it was for only one day in the city.
Before heading back to New York, we stopped by Sawada Coffee in the West Loop. I hadn’t been yet and have had it on my list for a couple years now. It has all the elements I love most about the coffee shops in Chicago.
Open space, a mix of dark woods, and a special edge that you can’t find everywhere. It’s not heavy on being most trendy, most photographable, it’s just itself and owns it.
Sawada is also the first coffee shop in the U.S. opened by Hiroshi Sawada, a renowned latte artist and barista. They offer the classics as well as their own special drinks, like the military latte and matcha.
My long weekend brought me back to the roots of this blog and my love for Chicago. But for now I’m back in New York.

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