Brooklyn Coffee Tour w/ Felton Kizer

Friday, October 12, 2018

A few weekends ago my friend Felton was in New York. We met back in Chicago and see each other every so often. Felton is always working on multiple projects, a few of them being print magazines ( Off-Kilter , Kizer Journal ).

We’ve discussed branching our two bubbles together, focusing on coffee and lifestyle, amd decided to do a Brooklyn Coffee tour! we started in Bushwick, at Sey, and made our way to Bedstuy, at Domicile and Sincerely, Tommy. We only had one day, so I focused on the coffee shops that stand out the most to me. All three are aesthetically beautiful, but each have their own ways of standing out.

Sey is an open space café that also roasts their own coffee. It’s my favorite spot to journey out to and get a coffee, since I don’t live anywhere near Bushwick.. Whenever I make the trip it’s always so worth it. The light, the plants, the coffee. Amazing.

Domicile is a newer spot that caught my eye over the summer. The space is small, but the aesthetic is so strong and inspiring. It has become one of my favorite coffee shops. It’s so inviting and I am obsessed with the furniture that gives me Beetlejuice vibes. Love me a table or chair that also doubles as a sculpture or art piece.

 Sincerely, Tommy is is a store that carries clothing and objects by local artists and has a strong female backbone. They also offer S,T Coffee. These days there’s a lot of coffee shop hybrids, but this one does it right. They not only have a gorgeous space, but they also hold events, i.e. drink and draw nights and openings for artists. They happened to be having an opening for artist Cat Willett, an illustrator in Brooklyn. So to close out our Brooklyn Coffee Tour, we sipped rosé and enjoyed the energy around us.

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