Sightglass - San Francisco

Tuesday, January 21, 2020

Mission - 3014 20th St,
San Francisco, CA

A few weekends ago my husband and I took our first trip of 2020: San Francisco. It 
was my first time there and I completely fell in love. Especially after being in Montreal for the holidays, SF was the perfect escape. We got lucky with the weather and had nothing but sun. 

Of course being me, we had to stop by at least one Sightglass. I chose the Mission District since that was one of the neighborhoods I wanted to explore during our three days there. With all the plants, murals, and colorful buildings I felt as if I were in a mix of Pilsen in Chicago and Mexico City. 

Sightglass is a stunning space filled with light coming in from windows that reached the ceiling. I ordered a cortado, which had their Owl’s Howl espresso and oat milk. Owl’s Howl has tasting notes of cacao nib, stone fruit, and candied orange peel. I’m usually more of a whole or cashew milk kind of gal, but the oat milk worked harmoniously with the espresso. I had Sightglass’s coffee at The Elk, which is where I bought my first bag of coffee in New York, so going to Sightglass in San Francisco where they roast felt significant.

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