The Ups and Downs of Caffeine

Tuesday, March 3, 2020

I’ve had quite the personal journey with coffee..I barely drank it in 
high school, got hooked in college, and continued the love affair into
adulthood. Working in fashion, I’ve had my fair share of abusing this
relationship, with sleepless nights before fashion shows and finishing
up schoolwork, espresso number three in hand.

Like a lot of others, I don’t handle my caffeine well. At my second
cup, my body freaks out and any kind of anxiety is heightened. 
 This has been a disappointing revelation to say the least. A person
who writes about coffee, but who can only enjoy one cup 
a day? Every time I’ve gone to a cupping or roasting class, I leave
so buzzed with rosy cheeks, flushed from heat. 

But as much as this is annoying (cue the tiniest violins playing), it’s
also worked out well for myself in the long run. Awareness of every day
habits and the causes they have are so important. It’s easy to get caught
up in “needing” a cup of coffee and in return not truly enjoying it.
My morning routine, when having coffee at home, consists of grinding the
beans by hand, pushing the button on the kettle for the water to boil, and 
prepping my Chemex with hot water before placing the lovely
ground coffee into the filter. It’s a routine I love and brings me
as much calm or relaxation as a yoga class or opening a new, untouched
set of water colors.

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