IXV Coffee - Brooklyn

Monday, February 24, 2020

IXV Coffee is a humble coffee shop nestled in Boerum Hill. Opened by Jenny; IXV is an espresso bar with zero waste as the goal. It started with the idea of buying an espresso machine and putting it in her garage. From there she got to bring other ideas to life, such as her reusable cup system. A customer can use a cup, enjoy their coffee, and then deposit it into the cup return bins, which were built by one of her friends. From there, the cup gets cleaned and it’s ready for that customer to use when they come back, cutting out disposables and creating convenience for those who don’t have the habit of always bringing a cup with them.

Previously working in fashion, the source of products is important to Jenny, including the coffee. After tasting different roasts and much research, she landed on Counter Culture as her choice for IXV. The rest of the products are sourced with zero waste in consideration as well, from dish washing blocks to an array of zero plastic home and bath options. 

The interiors of IXV are completely cozy. I enjoyed my cortado with oat milk while sitting opposite of the couch with huge pillows. The space brings a sense of calm, but also an excitement with the bursts of colors and textures all around. There’s so much to see in the space and I love seeing all the zero plastic/zero waste products. It’s a reminder that being more sustainable can start with the smallest of updates. These small acts, like bringing your own cup or composting coffee grounds, are great ways to reduce waste and IXV displays these ideals in an accessible way. 

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