Asado Coffee Roasters, W Chicago Ave.

Friday, November 7, 2014

I haven't posted about any coffee shops since New York, so I thought I would come back from after a month. I decided my new post should be about somewhere I haven't been yet. (the list is surprisingly longer than it should be.)

I went to an Asado Coffee Roasters for the first time yesterday and really liked it. They make their own coffee beans and sell them as well. I went to the Chicago Ave. location, but there's also one in the Loop as well as Irving Park.

Since New York I've been trying to find the perfect coffee spot to replace AP Cafe or Happy Bones.. alas, not successful yet. The Dollop in Streeterville has come close and Asado Coffee has also been a nice surprise. It's off a bus, and a little out of the way, so there was lots of open seating. The decor was cute too; lots of wood, a fire place, and accents of yellow.

I ordered their Bourbon blend, which was a dark + sweet roast, and my friend got the mocha. The coffee was on point and I'm hoping to buy some beans soon. I'm still on the search for a minimal coffee shop replacement for AP Cafe, but Asado Coffee Roasters will distract me for now.

Until Next Time. 

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  1. I love coffee shops that have cozy décor. I think it really make the customer feel welcomed. I also love how the interior is mostly wooden.


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