TOMS One for One Launch Party in Wicker Park

Friday, December 5, 2014

 I'm pretty sure everyone is familiar with the brand TOMS. They've been around since 2006 I believe and are a business that focuses on giving back while making sales. 

They started with shoes and now have moved onto much more, such as eyewear, clothing, and now coffee. 

When I got the invite for this event I was curious about it since I don't know much about the TOMS brand. For the coffee, for each bag of TOMS coffee sold, they will provide one week of clean water to a person in need. They are partnered up with the group Water for People. (more info here

One of the highlights of the party, at least for me, was seeing Wild Belle DJ live. I saw them at Lolla '13, but this was definitely a lot closer. (photo does not do them justice of their beauty.) 

There were free drinks and snacks, I got a mixed coffee drink that had rum, coffee liquor, and warm coffee in it. Karlos, my plus one, got a coffee and then we continued on with beer. 

The launch party only went from 7-9pm and was packed the whole time. The new store is located in Wicker Park, right on Damen ave., across from Walgreens. Theres seating in front and in the back by the coffee bar theres shoes, shirts, and eyewear for sale. 

We also received free tote-goodie bags when we left that included sunglasses, a case, a bag of coffee beans, and a TOMS newspaper/mag. 

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